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Humanities and Resilience: Critical Perspectives

04 July 2022–05 July 2022, 1:30 pm–5:00 pm


UCL-PUC Resilience Project. This event is based on three sessions revolving around resilience and the humanities.

This event is free.

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4 July, 2022

*All times in GMT+1 (London time)

Meeting Room, 50 Gordon Square, University College London

  • *12.30 hrs - 13.30 hrs: Lunch (for those in London)
  • 13.30 hrs - 13.45 hrs: Introduction/Presentation – Stephen Hart
  • 13.45hrs-15.45hrs

Panel 1: Theories of Resilience in the Humanities

  • Nicolás Lema - Chair/Respondent
  • Vincent Legeay -  “How each particle, when it bangs into another, either bounces back or passes on a part of its motion’: On a famous Spinozist occurrence about the resilience problem, and its  inadequacy”
  • Anna Wienhues -  “Sustainability: why we still should start from here”
  • Andrea Lehner -  “Resilience or transformative encounters that open us to new possibilities of world-making in precarious times?”


  • Break - 15.45 hrs -16.15 hrs
  • 16.15hrs - 18.15 hrs

Panel 2: Exploring Resilience through film

  • Camila Gatica Mizala – Chair
  • Jennifer Alpert - “Resilience as National Imaginary in Post-Dictatorship Argentinean Cinema”
  • Molly Geidel - “Discovering Women's Resilience: The Development Film in the 1970s”
  • Niall Geraghty – Respondent



5 July, 2022

*All times in GMT+1 (London time)

Meeting Room, 50 Gordon Square, University College London

  • *13.00 hrs - 14.00 hrs: Lunch (for those in London)
  • 15.00 hrs -17.00 hrs

Panel 3: Exploring Resilience Through Catastrophe and Theology

  • Nicolás Lema - Chair/Respondent
  • Carlos Fonseca (Cambridge University): “After the End: History, Nature and Catastrophe in Latin America”
  • Stephen Hart (University College London) - “How to Become a Resilient Counter-Reformation Saint: Santa Rosa de Lima”
  • Celia Cussen (Universidad de Chile) - “Martín de Porres and the enduring attraction of a Black healer”



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