Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


The Spaces Between: Equity, Voice, Agency, and Care Practices Involving the Arts and Arts Therapies

An international series of fourteen seminars starting November 2022: Australia, Chile, Finland, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, UAE, UK, USA

close up of woven fabric, photo by Kaz Madigan
Following a successful Grand Challenges bid by Professor Phil Jones from the IOE, Professor Ama De-Graft Aikins, Institute of Advanced Studies and Dr Deborah Padfield, Slade School of Fine Art, and a collaboration with Arts + Health @ New York University led by Associate Professor Nisha Sajnani, a new seminar series starts in November 2022 and runs until October 2023.
  • What are ‘agency’ and ‘voice’? 
  • What is equity? 
  • What constitutes care? 
  • How do these relate to those participating in the arts in health or wellbeing contexts and in therapy? 
  • What are different discoveries and practices in different countries? 

 The seminars will: 

  • include presentations about research and include extracts of arts material that reflects our themes  
  • include time to ask questions  
  • last an hour and a quarter 

Seminar 1: Welcome and Introduction, 3 November 2022
Seminar 2: Culture Change in Motion: creative approaches to working with trauma, 16 November 2022
Seminar 3: Power and the Language(ing) of Care, 19 December 2022
Seminar 4: Voiced: Inclusivity, empowerment and wellbeing for a museum community, 30 January 2023 
Seminar 5: Dance/Connect: Coproduction and creativity in research with young people, 7 February 2023
Seminar 6: Co-production in practice and research: A new paradigm for arts in health & arts therapies? 16 March 2023
Seminar 7: Conceptual perspectives on interdisciplinary practices in Creativity, Arts, Culture & Wellbeing, 20 April 2023
Seminar 8: Creative and arts intervention network Latin America: A regional hub to connect arts & brain health, 15 May 2023
Seminar 9: Supporting helping professionals through the arts: a multi-tiered approach to wellbeing, 12 June 2023
Seminar 10: Problematizing Wellbeing: Critical Feminism andPractices of Care in the Arts Therapies, 21 July 2023
Seminar 11: Championing Arts in Health across Continents,Cultures and Communities: The Global Arts in Medicine Fellowship, 4 August 2023
Seminar 12: A WHO Resource on Arts Practice and the Ethics of Care, 12 September 2023

Please join us. They are open to anyone interested in these questions.  The seminars will be conducted in English and Zoom’s auto-captioning will be used.

Photo by Kaz Madigan