Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)


The Spaces Between: Equity, Voice, Agency, and Care Practices Involving the Arts and Arts Therapies

An international series of fourteen seminars starting November 2022: Australia, Chile, Finland, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, UAE, UK, USA

close up of woven fabric, photo by Kaz Madigan
Following a successful Grand Challenges bid by Professor Phil Jones from the IOE, Professor Ama De-Graft Aikins, Institute of Advanced Studies and Dr Deborah Padfield, Slade School of Fine Art, and a collaboration with Arts + Health @ New York University led by Associate Professor Nisha Sajnani, a new seminar series starts in November 2022 and runs until October 2023.
  • What are ‘agency’ and ‘voice’? 
  • What is equity? 
  • What constitutes care? 
  • How do these relate to those participating in the arts in health or wellbeing contexts and in therapy? 
  • What are different discoveries and practices in different countries? 

 The seminars will: 

  • include presentations about research and include extracts of arts material that reflects our themes  
  • include time to ask questions  
  • last an hour and a quarter 

Seminar 1: Welcome and Introduction, 3 November 2022
Seminar 2: Culture Change in Motion: creative approaches to working with trauma, 16 November 2022
Seminar 3: Power and the Language(ing) of Care, 19 December 2022
Seminar 4: Voiced: Inclusivity, empowerment and wellbeing for a museum community, 30 January 2023 
Seminar 5: Dance/Connect: Coproduction and creativity in research with young people, 7 February 2023
Seminar 6: Co-production in practice and research: A new paradigm for arts in health & arts therapies? 16 March 2023
Seminar 7: Conceptual perspectives on interdisciplinary practices in Creativity, Arts, Culture & Wellbeing, 20 April 2023
Seminar 8: Creative and arts intervention network Latin America: A regional hub to connect arts & brain health, 15 May 2023
Seminar 9: Supporting helping professionals through the arts: a multi-tiered approach to wellbeing, 12 June 2023

Please join us. They are open to anyone interested in these questions.  The seminars will be conducted in English and Zoom’s auto-captioning will be used.

Photo by Kaz Madigan