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SPRC In conversation with Shabaka Hutchings

by Ashish Ghadiali and Shabaka Hutchings

Shabaka Hutchings

28 July 2021

Shabaka Hutchings, jazz musician and band leader, joins us to talk about his new album with Sons of Kemet, Black to the Future, delving into transcending from the individual to the collective state, and the healing and spiritual force of music. Discussing his musical influences and progression, Shabaka reflects on how “…being in a metropole makes you think that you understand what culturally is vital in the world, where actually we aren’t in the centre of the world, musically or socially, and there are cultures that are formulating real vital relations between music and living.”

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This conversation was recorded on 17th June 2021

Speakers: Ashish Ghadiali, Activist-in-Residence, UCL Sarah Parker Remond Centre  //  Shabaka Hutchings, jazz saxophonist, clarinettist and band leader of ‘Sons of Kemet’, ‘The Comet Is Coming’ and ‘Shabaka and the Ancestors’
Image: © Pierrick Guidou
ProducerKaissa Karhu
Editors: Kaissa Karhu and Anita Langary