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IAS Talk Pieces — Season 2: Concepts for the New Normal

15 December 2020

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The second series of the Institute of Advanced Studies’ podcast ‘Talk Pieces’ will focus on demystifying some of the mass media’s favourite buzz words — as well as concepts that we find useful for living in our present times — through the lenses of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. After the success of our first 15-episode series, we are replicating the format used in the episode entitled ‘Is Immunity against a Life in Community?’ and inviting six academics and commentators per episode to briefly explain a[n original] concept, with musicians interspersing these ideas with music and an artist contributing a thematic illustration. Each episode aims to be a freestanding artistic piece catering for diverse forms of expressions, from commentaries to poetry or sketch. The objective is to invite the public to think of the multiple nuances that each of us perceive when we are presented with similar concepts or arguments.

#1 Speculation

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Opening with Afrikan Sciences’s piece of music 'All Day Speculative', you will hear from Andre M Carrington, thinking through our present conflation of events that no science fiction dared to imagine, inviting us not to abandon or, as Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou follows, to pay attention to marginalised communities opening uncharted spaces where ‘everything is possible’. Active Denial System’s piece of music of 'Speculations' takes us to Ming Tsao who explores the materiality of speculation through bodies and musical language encounters. His surrounding piece of music Miranda Atemwende connects us to Paul Celan’s Atemwende, Breathturn, the concept behind Heide Hinrichs artwork in the cover of this episode. Marina Vishmidt’s piece closes this episode, accompanied by Sho’s piece of music titled 'Present, Tense' bringing us to our current divergence between financial markets and real economy and their unavoidable conflation. Find more information here


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