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Was there a Global Absolutist Moment?

27 November 2023, 5:30 pm–7:30 pm

Detail from ‘The Royal Household at Delhi on the Occasion of the Birthday of the Grand Mogul Aurangzeb’

An evening inspired by Dror Wahrman’s seminal study in the global history of representations of kingship and sovereignty, 'The Throne of the Great Mughal in Dresden' (Yale, 2023).

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IHR European History 1500-1800 seminar with Dror Wahrman, author of The Throne of the Great Mughal in Dresden (Yale, 2023), followed by comments from Lyndal Roper (Oxford) and Jagjeet Lally (UCL).

A paper presentation will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. The focus will be on exchanges between Saxony, Central Europe, and the Mughal Empire, but questions will be encouraged on political formations anywhere in the Early Modern world.

Image credit: Detail from "The Royal Household at Delhi on the Occasion of the Birthday of the Grand Mogul Aureng-Zeb" (1701–1708), made by Johann Melchior Dinglinger. Hajotthu at the German-language WikipediaCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

About the Speakers

Dror Wahrman

Vigevani Chair in European Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

I am a cultural historian of Western Europe in the transition from the pre-modern to the modern, with a focus on the "long" eighteenth century. Much of my work tries to understand what the terms in the previous sentence actually mean. My current work expands through the study of material objects and art to a global perspective on the early modern period.

More about Dror Wahrman

Lyndal Roper

Regius Professor of History at Oriel College, Oxford

Her research interests include Luther and the Reformation, Gender History and Sixteenth century German Art and material culture. She is the first woman to hold the Regius Chair in History, and the first Australian. She's worked on the history of witchcraft and has recently published a biography of the German reformer Martin Luther. She is now writing a history of the German Peasants’ War (1524-5), the greatest uprising in western Europe before the French Revolution. 

More about Lyndal Roper

Jagjeet Lally

Associate Professor of the History of Early Modern and Colonial India at UCL History

Broadly, I am a historian of economic and material life, and much of my work and its sources/methods is interdisciplinary. His research fields include Asian history; Global and world history; Economic history; Critical heritage, museum and archive studies.

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