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Sense and Sensation Seminar Series: Sensing Change: Perceptions and Transitions in Media Art 

26 May 2017, 4:00 pm–6:00 pm

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IAS Seminar Room 11, First Floor, South Wing, Wilkins Building

For this Sense and Sensation Seminar we are pleased to welcome Hanna Hölling (UCL History of Art) who will be discussing 'Sensing Change: Perceptions and Transitions in Media Art'.  

Hanna Hölling will explore how conservation, as an intellectual-practical engagement with artworks and artefacts, offers an immensely rich context to study the material world. In particular, her presentation will focus on the way in which an immediate experience of artworks challenges the primacy of looking as the way of knowing. Through this lens, a close study of artworks' transitions raises the awareness of materiality and enhances visual knowledge. Can change be understood in relation to time? Can we gain a sense of time when studying material transitions? Her paper will be illustrated with the examples of media artworks by the Korean American artist Nam June Paik.

Hanna Hölling is Lecturer in the History of Art and Material Studies at the Department of History of Art, University College London. She works on the intersections of art history and theory, material culture studies and conservation. Her research, writing and teaching focus on the art and cultural developments since the 1960s and 70s and on aspects of time, change, materiality and archive in relation to how we conceive of artworks in terms of objects that endure. She has published and received awards internationally. Among her books are Revisions-Zen for Film (Bard Graduate Center, 2015) and Paik's Virtual Archive: On Time, Change and Materiality in Media Art (University of California Press, 2017). She was awarded the Andrew W. Mellon Professorship, Cultures of Conservation, at the Bard Graduate Center in New York (2013-2015) and, most recently, the Getty Foundation residential grant for the project Object in Flux (2016/17, GCI).

'Sense and Sensation' is one of the Institute of Advanced Studies' major research themes for 2016-2017. This seminar series, organised by the two Junior Research Fellows working on the 'Sense and Sensation' research strand, aims to stimulate a dialogue on this rich topic in UCL more generally. These sessions aim to draw together as many researchers as possible whose work contributes to the theme of 'Sense and Sensation', understood in its broadest possible formulation, from across the departments and schools at UCL.

We hope that by conducting a conversation between researchers and academics in this environment we will be able to engender debates outside our traditionally conceived disciplines, forge fruitful inter-disciplinary collaborations and enrich our understanding of how questions of 'Sense and Sensation' shape our knowledge of the world. The seminars' scholarly work will be supported by a welcoming, informal atmosphere in which all are encouraged to share their ideas. All postgraduate students, post-docs and staff are welcome.

The first hour of each session will be given over to a presentation from a single contributor, and in the second we will discuss the ideas put forward more generally.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

For more information, or if you have access requirements or other queries, please contact: Dhanveer Singh Brar and Alicia Spencer-Hall. We look forward to meeting you at the seminars!

Image: Nam June Paik, Mirage Stage, 1986, three-channel video (Betacam SP and DVD; colour, silent, continuous projection) shown on 33 TV monitors and 40 wooden TV carcasses, 431.8 x 609.6 x 243.8 cm