UCL Institute of Finance & Technology



Token Economy 

Blockchains and smart contracts enable everyone to create tokens to represent an asset and use as a medium of exchange, however, it is a challenging task to design and build the token economy system due to the complex socio-technical system. This research strand focuses on the following projects in particular:


  1. Regime to Enhance the Next Generation EU Fund: aims to build a strong economic recovery for EU member states with Next Generation EU Funds by using blockchain technology to assist an accountable and transparent fund allocation process. This project is in collaboration with the Italian Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB)
  2. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): Regulations must be embedded with CBDC in terms of hash rate design, asset recovery, payment terminals, and the governance on transaction monitoring and reporting through CBDC is to be addressed.

Private capital and Venture Capital as a leverage for local economy (Economics)

The increased importance of Private Capital is naturally calling into question its role in pursuing interests beyond mere financial returns. In this strand of research, we investigate the interaction between VC & PE and issues such as sustainable finance, economic and social development and the so-called megatrends like climate change, ageing, health threats, and the ICT revolution. With a special focus on infrastructures, we investigate the potential of Venture Capital and Private Equity funds to play a role for local investment projects and development.


  1. ESG and sustainability drivers for venture capital investments
  2. Pursuing public interests, the efficacy and effectiveness of Public Venture Capital VS public and private partnership (PPPs) intervention
  3. The role of venture capital investments for infrastructure and local development