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Our research informs the solutions to real-world issues, such as innovation, urban development, and sustainability

IFT is home to a team of world-leading researchers. We apply a focused response to contemporary financial challenges, broadening an understanding of strategic investment concepts and the needs of impact investing and investors. Together, we are well-placed as knowledge leaders in:

  • Finance based on technical innovation: we address problems confronting the financial industry and its institutions, and research implementable cost-effective solutions.
  • Digital financetechnological changes in the finance sector, including crypto currencies, NFTs and digital currencies. This also encompasses FinTech, data science and AI, computer science, mathematics and statistics.
  • Sustainability and social responsibility: as key objectives in finance, we develop suitable impact indicators and solutions to support efficient management and strategic investments.
  • Future scenarios, urban and infrastructure: we provide a focused response to investment in urban development, including how existing assets can be renewed, adapted and transformed to meet changing needs.

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Redefining financial risk management via AI algorithms for quantitative risk analysis. 



Pioneering financial and economic solutions to sustainable investment challenges.

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Find out more about the IFT's team of world-renowned researchers.

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