Information Studies


Ena Wehr

Jelena Wehr

I am the Finance and Research Administrator for the UCL Dept. of Information Studies.

Email: j.wehr@ucl.ac.uk
UCL extension: 01470
Direct Line: 020 3108 1470 (non-UK: +44 20 3108 1470)

Office / contact hours: Please note that due to COVID-19 pandemic, we will be working some of the time on campus and some of the time working from home.  If your request can be dealt with by email, please email me. If you need to speak in person on campus (or via an audio or video call), please book a TEAMS appointment using the link below.

On campus: Tuesday and Wednesday in the Departmental Office, Room G15, Foster Court (Ground Floor).

Working remotely: Thursday and Friday (9 am - 5 pm).

You can book your TEAMS appointment here. You will receive a notification confirming the appointment - please make sure this is added to your calendar and you join the TEAMS call on time for the appointment. Please cancel the appointment if it is no longer needed.