Information Studies


Helena Hollis

I am a current PhD student interested in the effects of reading habits, especially fiction, and how they relate to critical thinking.

photo of Helena Hollis
My research topic is “The influence of reading fiction upon critical thinking”

Based on exiting research into the benefits of reading fiction (such as increased empathy, and counterfactual thinking), I hypothesise that people who read more fiction will do better at critically evaluating a piece of non-fiction text. My research fits under the umbrella of Information Literacy (IL), but it is also related to the study of aesthetics in philosophy, and individual differences in psychology.

I am supervised by Dr Oliver Duke-WilliamsDr Alison Hicks, and Dr Andreas Vlachidis.

In addition to my PhD research, I am also leading on the "what does ‘good work’ look like" component of the AI and the Future of Work project at UCL Grand Challenges and Public Policy, in partnership with the British Academy. 


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ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1950-0657