Information Studies


Policies and Guidance


The Department of Information Studies EDI Action plan consists of five pillars, with related actions, success measures, timescales. The plan maintains and adapts long-term UCL strategies for advancing equity and inclusion. This plan encourages and empowers all members of our community to do their part and work together to deliver impact. It is a collaborative document which will be used to measure our progress and guide future work.

The Action Plan can be downloaded here (pdf)

Family Leave 

The UCL HR department has produced a Family Leave Toolkit which has been designed to assist employees through the application and management of maternity leave, paternity/partner leave, adoption leave and shared parental leave at UCL. This toolkit provides employees with the relevant policies, forms, calculators and important information required before, during and after parental leave.

Work-Life Balance

The UCL Work Life Balance Policy provides a framework within which departments can consider how best to enable staff to achieve an effective balance between work and life outside the workplace. Please also see the Remote Working Pilot Policy and Guidance and the Return to Campus - Interim Guidance for Staff and Line Managers on returning to campus following the arrangements during the coronavirus pandemic. Further information is also available in the Hybrid Working FAQs.


To help plan and support career development and recognise achievements, the UCL Academic Careers Framework is designed to be used in a number of ways by staff and managers.  

Unlike academic staff at UCL, who are considered for promotion to a higher grade on the basis of their personal impact and achievements in the discipline, PS staff are appointed to work at a specific grade and jobs are graded based on the duties and responsibilities required. For a PS job to be re-graded there must be a significant change in the duties/responsibilities that are required of the job.  The information included below gives further information on the grading and re-grading process, and career frameworks for PS staff.

Prevention of bullying, Harrassment and sexual misconduct

The Prevention of Bulling, Harrassment and Sexual Misconduct policy is designed to ensure a safe, welcoming and inclusive working and learning environment for all members of the UCL community, where all staff and students are equally valued and respected. No member of the UCL community is expected to tolerate such behaviour, whether by a member of the UCL community, or by a third party such as a supplier or visitor to the University; or a member of the public. This policy seeks to ensure that UCL students, staff and the wider UCL community are protected from bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct. 

Report + Support is a tool for reporting any instances of bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct. You can also find information on internal and external support, policies, guidance and the ‘Full Stop’ campaign.Religion and Belief equality

Information for students on UCL EDI policies 

The UCL Students website has a very useful section on ED&I policies for students.