Case Studies

INEQ-CITIES conducted a study of policies and interventions aimed at tackling inequalities in health that were supported by EU Structural Funds.  An inventory of these policies and interventions was developed for cities included in the INEQ-CITIES Project.  Using this inventory, INEQ-CITIES researchers carried out a series of case studies in order to learn more about the programmes that aim to reduce health inequalities in Europe at the city-level.  

Completed case studies of programmes selected for assessment by INEQ-CITIES are available below:

  • Training and Employment for Youth in Budapest, Hungary | Download (PDF 0.18 MB)
  • Psycho-Social Support for Psychiatric Patients in Budapest, Hungary | Download (PDF 0.12 MB)
  • Labour Market Entry and Re-Entry for People with Disabilities in Budapest, Hungary | Download (PDF 0.09 MB)