Košice: Socio-Economic Indicators

Each of the following maps demonstrates the heterogeneous nature of neighbourhoods in Košice in terms of socio-economic characteristics.  These maps highlight distinct patterns of geographical segregation within the city, as the areas most burdened with deprivation vary by whether one examines Košice by unemployment, manual worker density or formal education. Socio-economic indicators were derived using data from the 2001 Population and Housing Census provided by the Štatistický úrad Slovensej Republiky (Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic).

The following socio-economic indicator maps are colour-coded; high concentrations of a socio-economic characteristic are represented by brown tones, which lighten as the concentration reduces. Intermediate concentrations of a socio-economic characteristic are represented by the white tone. The lowest concentrations are represented by green tones.  For further information about how these maps were created, please visit the methodological section of the Atlas.  Click on each image for a full-screen view of the maps below.


Area Distribution of Unemployment in Košice

This map portrays the area distribution of unemployment and highlights how unemployment levels vary significantly throughout Košice.  Areas ranked in the lowest septile of unemployment (shown in dark green) are found in the South of the centre of Košice, surrounded by intermediate (shown in white) areas in the North and far South of Košice.  Dark brown tones representing areas with the highest unemployment rates are dispersed throughout Košice, creating an unclear pattern of deprivation measured by unemployment. The North-Western tip of Košice is ranked in the second highest septile of unemployment, as shown by the large light brown cluster on the map. Areas in the very centre of Košice are marked by intermediate levels of unemployment (shown in white). Moving outwards from the centre of the city, unemployment levels become heterogeneous. In most parts of Košice, it is commonplace for areas marked by low levels of unemployment to reside next to areas burdened by high unemployment.

Manual Workers

Area Distribution of Manual Workers in Košice

This map shows the area distribution of manual worker density throughout Košice. The pattern for manual worker density differs significantly from the map of unemployment shown above. Areas ranked with the highest and lowest levels of manual worker density now dominate the map of Košice, suggesting greater relative inequalities by manual workers than by unemployment. Furthermore, significant clustering of these areas is now apparent. Areas with the highest density of manual workers are concentrated in Southern Košice. This high density lessens when moving to areas in Central and Eastern Košice. Although high manual worker density is most evident in Southern Košice, there is also a small segment of high manual worker density in the northernmost area of the city. This map highlights a clear North-South divide in the density of manual workers in Košice, a pattern not reflected by levels of unemployment.

Primary Education

Area Distribution of Low Educational Attainment in Košice

This map shows the area distribution of adults that completed formal schooling at the primary level.  Patterns shown on this map resemble those demonstrated by manual worker density, rather than by levels of unemployment.  Similar to the map of manual worker density, the northernmost areas of Košice are amongst those least affected by low educational attainment.  A North-South divide on this map is apparent, but is less prominent than the North-South divide according to manual worker density. Dark brown tones representing areas with the highest concentrations of low educational attainment are evident only in small sections of Košice.

University Qualifications

Area Distribution of University Qualifications in Košice

This map shows the area distribution of the proportion of adults that have obtained university qualifications in Košice, and as expected, it shows the inverse of the patterns shown in the map of low educational attainment above.  The Southern areas of Košice are those with the lowest proportions of university qualifications.  The Central and Eastern areas of Košice display heterogeneous patterns according to university qualifications.  Areas ranked in the highest septile (shown in dark brown) are found in Northern Košice. This map demonstrates a clear pattern of deprivation measured by university qualifications, with the burden primarily in the Southern areas of Košice.