Design goals

The responsive web design strategy for UCL properties is guided by these goals:

  1. All core functionality and content must be accessible in all environments. This does not mean all content will be visible in the same way, or that the technical implementation will be the same in all environments.
  2. All interactions must perform quickly with timely feedback in all environments. Buttons must show immediate reaction. Page load times must be minimised as much as possible. On-page actions, JavaScript, and Ajax should be speedy in all environments.
  3. Brand aesthetics should be obvious in all environments. By focusing on these three goals, we can design and build all UCL properties so that they are fast, responsive,and easy to use in all types of environment. Mobile screens, large desktops, bad 3g connections, and lightning-fast broadband will all receive convenient layouts, quick performance and the essential elements of the UCL brand.

To achieve these goals Indigo includes these key focal points: