Colour palettes

These options refer to the colour palette i.e. the banner colour, boxouts, left menu, captioned teasers, pullquotes, accordions and table headers.

We do not allow change of font colour for reasons of accessibility and user experience.

From next year (2024), all UCL websites will be migrated to the new version of our Content Management System (CMS - Drupal 9) which includes updated templates created using the revised colour palette. Until then, no changes will be made to our current templates. As the content is migrated, the new templates and colours will come into effect. We are working with our website owners and managers to make this happen.

Black and grey


Blue celeste


Blue celeste and mid purple


Bright blue


Bright blue and bright green


Bright blue and bright red


Bright blue and yellow


Bright green


Bright pink


Bright pink and stone




Dark blue


Dark blue and yellow


Dark brown


Dark green


Dark purple


Dark red


Light blue


Light blue bright pink


Light green


Light green and light purple


Light red and orange


Mid blue


Mid green


Mid purple


Mid red




Sky blue