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Study shows immune response to particular antigenic domain of CMV glycoprotein B

23 March 2018

Dr Ilona Baraniak, a Research Associate in the Griffiths-Reeves CMV team, recently published a paper in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Cytomegalovirus infection

The award is named after Dr Trudy Elion who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1988 for the discovery of drugs that interfere with purine metabolism, including acyclovir and allopurinol.

The annual Gertrude Elion Memorial Award is given to an outstanding scientist, not necessarily in the field of antiviral research but someone who has made considerable contributions to the scientific field directly or peripheral to it.

Professor Griffiths will give a talk entitled, 'Quantitative Studies of HCMV in a Human Challenge Model', at the annual meeting in Porto, Portugal in June 2018.

In the publicity surrounding this award, the society has latched onto the fact that Professor Griffiths has written a crime novel, 'Lenti', for the general public, which can be purchased via Amazon.



  • CMV Infection (Credit: CDC)