Institute of Immunity and Transplantation


Kevin Howell

Clinical Scientist (Rheumatology)

Research area

Microvascular imaging, infrared thermography, nailfold capillaroscopy, connective tissue diseases, Raynaud's phenomenon, thermoregulation.

Research programme

Research summary

The Institute's Microvascular Diagnostics laboratory was established to give clinicians and researchers a "window" on the microcirculation in autoimmune and other disorders. Our key research interests are Raynaud's phenomenon and the scleroderma spectrum disorders. We typically see around 500 patients per year to assist in clinical diagnosis, and we support research where skin temperature or change in the microvasculature would be an interesting outcome measure.

Microvascular Diagnostics has gained particular expertise in infrared thermography: the laboratory has two thermal imagers and I sit on the board of the European Association of Thermology. The Medical Infrared Thermography London forum (or "MIRTL") arranges seminars at the Institute, and we can support thermographers in London with our quality assurance programme for thermal imagers used in biomedicine.


Selected publications