Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience



Every week during term time, the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience invites an external speaker to present their work, discuss and mutually inspire. This series of seminars is open to all.

ICN Seminars are held on Mondays at 3.15pm.

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, all seminars will be on Microsoft Teams

For further information, Contact: Rosalyn Lawrence, Tel: + 44 2076791164


 Riccardo Storchi

Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology, University of Manchester

Multiplicity of motor actions in instinctive, visually driven behaviours and the impact of motor actions on visual processing

Host: Tamar Makin


Emily Finn

Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth, USA

Title: Is it time to put rest to rest? Or: Toward a “stress test” for the brain

Host: Oliver Robinson


Florent Meyniel

Neurospin, CEA-Saclay, France

Title: Learning a probabilistic model of a changing world: Human feats and insight from artificial network

Host: Lucie Charles


Philip Beaman

Psychological & Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading

Title: Auditory distraction: A new attempt at an interpretation, or an attempt at a new interpretation

Host: Sophie Scott


Elizabeth Sheppard

School of Psychology, Nottingham University

Title: How autistic people are perceived and misperceived

Host: Sarah White


Roland Benoit

Adaptive Memory Research Leader, Max Planck Inst. Human Cognitive & Brain Sci., Leipzig

Title: Affective episodic simulation

Host: Paul Burgess


Tom Hartley

Dept. of Psychology, University of York

Title: Assessing the limits of allocentric spatial memory

Host:  Neil Burgess