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LIFE trial

LIFE trial


Are you interested in helping us understand depression? We need volunteers with depression who are willing and able to undergo 8 weeks of activity sessions with a personal trainer. 

Stretching & Relaxation involves things like balancing, breathing, and stretching.

Moderate Aerobic Exercise involves things like cycling, weight lifting and floor exercises.

  • Attend three 45-minute sessions per week for 8 weeks in a small group of up to 6 participants.
  • Activity sessions are guided by a personal trainer who tailors the activities to your ability. 
  • Your mood, physiology, thinking and activity levels are monitored throughout.

    STEP ONE: Meet the team to discuss the study in-person.
    STEP TWO: Initial Assessments in-person.
    STEP THREE: Begin activity sessions in-person and weekly online games and questionnaires.
    STEP FOUR: Final Assessments in-person.
    STEP FIVE: Follow up games and questionnaires at 3 and 6 months online

    Call, text or email us: 07767 873327 or icn.life@ucl.ac.uk or click here to find out more about the study'

You can also complete the reply form online by going to https://tinyurl.com/4nkccfdz