Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience


Clinical and Affective Neuroscience

Clinical and Affective Neuroscience group investigates how emotion is expressed in body and brain. The group is led by Prof Sarah Garfinkel.

Sarah Garfinkel

Group Leader



Sarah Garfinkel

Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Research

Our research investigates how emotion is expressed in body and brain, with a particular focus on the heart, heart-brain interactions and interoception. We aim to understand how aberrant physiological mechanisms in brain and body can underlie altered emotion processing in a variety of clinical conditions including anxiety, PTSD, autism and psychosis.

Emotion has an impact on cognition, and we investigate emotion’s influence on memory, attention and decision making, particularly in regard to specific alterations in clinical groups. Interoception, the sensing of internal bodily signals, can change how stimuli are processed and remembered, and our work investigates how bodily signals shape a range of different cognitive processes, such as intuitive decision making and memory.

We use a number of experimental methods including psychophysiology, fMRI and EEG to investigate these questions in both patient groups and in control participants.