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Dr Freya Lygo-Frett

Dr Freya Lygo-Frett
Freya Lygo-Frett Smiling At Camera


Current Research and Interests

Visual system. Visual disorders. Visual disorder treatment.

Research Summary 

I am a Lecturer (Teaching Fellow) at UCL’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, where I am mainly responsible for convening and teaching across several modules on the MSc/MRes Cognitive Neuroscience (PSYC0061 & PSYC0067) and BSc Psychology programmes (PSYC0009, PSYC0011 & PSYC0031). 

My research focuses on understanding our visual system, particularly binocular vision and how the brain integrates information from each of our eyes. One of the ways this can be understood is by exploring what happens when this system breaks down, such as in disorders like amblyopia (lazy eye). I am also interested in how modern technology (e.g. 3D gaming) can be used to develop new and more effective forms of treatment for people suffering with visual disorders.