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IHR Co-Director Dr S Meckled-Garcia Wins BA Grant to Launch Research Network

22 March 2017

With the support of a  British Academy International Partnership grant won by Dr. Meckled-Garcia, a co-director of the UCL Institute for Human Rights, the first UK-Latin America Political Philosophy Research Network has been established with partner institutions in Latin America. These initially encompass Argentina and Mexico, but links are being forged with scholars in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and more.

This exciting project will bring together academics from the UCL hub of political theory and political philosophy with scholars working in political philosophy and political theory throughout Latin America. The grant will pay for travel and accommodation for scholars travelling to the Network’s workshops and PhD Masterclasses.

Currently the ‘UK-Latin America (Analytical) Political Philosophy Network’ links hubs of researchers working in at least three universities in Argentina (Buenos Aires University; Di Tella University), a university (UNAM) and research institutes in Mexico, with political philosophers at University College London, UK. Discussions are in process with academics in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Costa Rica, for the expansion of the Network.

In addition to the British Academy International Partnership Grant, Dr. Meckled-Garcia has also won a UCL Global Engagement grant, from UCL’s Global Engagement Fund) to assist more scholars from Latin America in attending the initial Network Workshop in March 2017. 

For more information, please visit the network pages.