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Yoga Instructors

If you are interested in setting up yoga classes for your team, department or faculty, contact one of the yoga instructors below.

Michelle Richardson
michelle richardon - yoga instructor

Michelle teaches a slow-flow, breath centered Vinyasa practice that syncs mindful movement with breath. She encourages exploration of the body and breath as a means of harnessing the thinking mind and cultivating a greater sense of self-awareness and presence in the here and now. She strives to share yoga in a safe and accessible way and to cultivate a non-competitive, relaxed environment to participate in, so that its many benefits can be appreciated.

Michelle is a conscientious and committed yoga practitioner and through the practice has experienced greater well-being, improved productivity, and greater freedom and happiness in her life! She took her first yoga class at the Buddhafield Festival in 2009, and after stopping and re-starting the practice a few times, it eventually became a priority in her life. She has also developed a solid, daily meditation practice which she is deeply committed to.

Michelle has a background in psychology and currently works at UCL in the field of public health.


Milka Hutna
Milka Hutna

Yoga has been part of Milka's life for about a decade, but it was at her first Ashtanga class almost 6 years ago that she fell in love with the practice. The connection between the dynamic flow and the breath was a new way of feeling the practice. Yoga soon became much more than just a physical workout for Milka, but a way of life, the perfect way to start each day in a moving meditation. Practice gives her strength and stability, helping her distance herself from stresses of everyday life and allowing her to become the best version of herself both physically and mentally.

Milka is studying traditional ashtanga yoga with Sharath Jois at KPJAYI in Mysore, India, where she spends a few months each year. She has also attended multiple workshops with world renowned teachers. Milka is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher (RYT 200), who continuously strives to improve her teaching by assisting other experienced instructors.

Her biology and anatomy background leads her to a body-centric viewpoint both in her teaching and practice. Recognizing the spectrum of ability levels and limits, and the variation from person to person, from day to day, from injury to health, is an important piece of her teaching style. Her classes are appropriate both for beginners and intermediate practitioners. She teaches traditional Ashtanga yoga, concentrating on the connection of breath and movement, but makes a point of allowing people to progress at their own pace. She feels that yoga needs to be personal - you are the utmost authority on what your body feels like at any given time, its capacities and limits. She strives to be there to support and guide you in your yoga journey.