UCL Human Resources


Georgina Bolton

Faculty Operations Manager, Department Arts & Humanities.

When did you start using Unitemps? 

February 2020

What has been your experience in using Unitemps for 360 recruited roles (where roles are advertised and shortlisted by Unitemps)?

Fantastic – very smooth – I told Rachel what was required and provided the relevant information. She filled the roles quickly and one of the temps has now been appointed to a permanent role in the same department.

How has Unitemps helped you to cut down on your administration time?

Yes – definitely, specifically in terms of processing payments and then, as we appointed a Unitemps temp permanently, it saved time for me when processing the permanent appointment as the person was already set up as employee on UCL systems.

What parts of the hiring process has Unitemps helped with most?

Finding suitable candidates, and handling all payments.

How does Unitemps compare to using an external agency?

It is a much better experience dealing with Unitemps. They understand UCL and its systems. It is straightforward, there is no sales pitch as you traditionally get from external agencies. They understand the roles and how UCL works much better.

Would you recommend Unitemps to other departments?