UCL Human Resources


Dan Taylor

Public Engagement Manager, Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering

When did you start using Unitemps? 

February 2020

What has been your experience in using Unitemps for 360 recruited roles (where roles are advertised and shortlisted by Unitemps)?

I’ve found UniTemps very easy to use, with an incredibly friendly and helpful team. They were very flexible in the advertising, shortlisting and recruitment phases to make sure I had the right process to suit my needs. 

Has Unitemps helped you cut down on administration time?

t’s a really streamlined process, with user friendly online systems and the team do a lot of the work for you, getting back to questions and queries super quickly, so administrative issues and questions get sorted efficiently.

What parts of the hiring process has Unitemps helped with?

Unitemps really helped with the administrative side of recruitment, it was a very quick and easy process, with the team happy to help as much as I needed, or leave me to make my own decisions where I wanted. 

We had a lot of applications so they offered to shortlist for me or to leave me to make the decisions myself. We ended up with a hybrid approach, which worked for us as due to the specialist type of role there were some the team didn’t shortlist which we definitely wanted to interview, but it’s testament to their flexibility that we could pick and choose how this was all done. 

How does Unitemps compare to using an external agency?

I’ve never used an external agency but it’s a big help that UniTemps are already connected to the UCL systems so staff are already partly set up through the UniTemps process. 

What do you consider are the main benefits of using Unitemps?

The main benefits of the service overall is that it is efficient and flexible, with clear instructions that mean you can get on with hiring a temp however works best for you and they deal with a lot of the administration of that contract ongoing, with a team that are friendly and quick in getting back to you always. 

It meant I could get an excellent member of staff on flexible hours and any questions we’ve had were dealt with in a really quick manner by the UniTemps team.

Would you recommend Unitemps to other departments?

 I’d definitely recommend UniTemps to other departments