UCL Human Resources


Ayden Wilson

Department Manager, Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy.

When did you start using Unitemps? 

I’ve been using Unitemps continuously since I became Department Manager in December 2019.

What has been your experience in using Unitemps for 360 recruited roles (where roles are advertised and shortlisted by Unitemps)?

This has been incredible. It takes all the leg work out of shortlisting and advertising. I am confident that the shortlisted applicants sent over to me have been thoroughly checked by Unitemps.

What has been your experience in using Unitemps to process Direct Bookings?

I haven’t directly used this facility myself, but a colleague has, and has told me that this was seamless.

How has Unitemps helped you to cut down on your administration time?

I cannot begin to tell you! The time saved has been so helpful. Unitemps look after every aspect of the recruitment, including RTW documents which have helped no end.

What parts of the hiring process has Unitemps helped with most?

Their ability to shortlist, and arrange interviews.

How does Unitemps compare to using an external agency?

I trust Unitemps. I don’t have much experience of using other external agencies; but one of the great qualities is the calibre of candidates – especially those with UCL experience using relevant systems and procedures.

What do you consider are the main benefits of using Unitemps?

As previously said, the leg work taken out – I trust Unitemps to make all the relevant arrangements.

Would you recommend Unitemps to other departments?

Yes, and I regularly do.