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Teacher Bio

Michelle Richardson teaches a slow-flow, breath centered Vinyasa practice that syncs mindful movement with breath. She encourages exploration of the body and breath as a means of harnessing the thinking mind and cultivating a greater sense of self-awareness and presence in the here and now. She strives to share yoga in a safe and accessible way and to cultivate a non-competitive, relaxed environment to participate in, so that its many benefits can be appreciated.

Michelle is a conscientious and committed yoga practitioner and through the practice has experienced greater well-being, improved productivity, and greater freedom and happiness in her life! She took her first yoga class at the Buddhafield Festival in 2009, and after stopping and re-starting the practice a few times, it eventually became a priority in her life. She has also developed a solid, daily meditation practice which she is deeply committed to.

Michelle has a background in psychology and currently works at UCL in the field of public health.