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Following the results of UCL Wellbeing Survey, we’ve teamed up with experts from Sleepio to help you test your sleep and improve it.


Sleeposium at UCL

We've launched Sleepio on 23 October 2018 with a fantastic talk from Dr Sophie Bostock  packed full of useful tips to help us sleep better. Sophie is a UK Innovation Lead at Big Health, the company behind Sleepio, NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow and Sleep Evangelist. Sophie has a PhD in Health Psychology from UCL and her research interests include the links between sleep, well-being, health and performance. She is a TEDx speaker, and has featured as a sleep expert for ITV and the BBC. If you missed this talk, you can watch it here.

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Why Sleepio?

Last year we asked you to tell us about your wellbeing to help inform our approach to Wellbeing at UCL. The survey showed that only 7% of respondents get enough sleep 7 nights a week; and 57% get enough sleep only 3 nights a week or less.  

As a part of our commitment to improving wellbeing across UCL, we’ve teamed up with experts from Sleepio to help you test your sleep and improve it. Whether you struggle to get a wink or sleep like a log, sleep impacts every area of your life – from your energy levels to your appetite, and even how well you get along with colleagues! Sleepio helps you learn proven techniques to fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.

What is Sleepio?

Sleepio is an online self-help programme based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). You will learn techniques to help tackle the racing mind and behavioural strategies to help reset sleeping patterns naturally, without relying on sleeping pills.

In a minute, you'll get your sleep report and personalised sleep advice. If you need more help, you'll also be able to continue with Sleepio’s clinically proven, sleep improvement programme. Visit 'The Prof' each week to learn how to take control of your sleep for good.

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How does it work?

Complete the course online at a time and pace that suits you. Each week you can log in and meet 'The Prof', your virtual sleep expert. The Prof helps you to address your thoughts and worries about sleep, your daily schedule, your lifestyle, and your bedroom.

Each session takes 20-30 minutes. There are 6 core sessions, and a daily sleep diary which helps you track your progress.

You can complete the full programme online on any desktop computer. Once you have created an account on the website, you also have the option to use the iPhone app.

Does it work?

Sleepio was developed by sleep expert, Professor Colin Espie, based on over 30 years of research. It is backed by gold standard clinical trials, and has been positively evaluated by NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Sleepio is comparable in effectiveness to in-person sleep therapy, helping over 7 out of 10 poor sleepers to develop healthy sleep patterns.

Who is it suitable for?

Sleepio is designed for adults (aged 16+ years) with difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep through the night, despite adequate opportunity to sleep. We don’t recommend Sleepio for people under the age of 16 or for pregnant women, because they have higher sleep needs than average. If you would like to know if Sleepio can help you, please read more information about who Sleepio is suitable for.