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Sickness absence reasons


Back Problems - Lower back

Back Problems - Upper back

Blood Disorders

Burns, poisoning, frostbite, hypothermia


Chest and Respiratory problems

Cold, Cough, Flu - Influenza

Coronavirus – Covid-19

Coronavirus – Long Covid

Dental and oral problems

Ear, nose, throat (ENT)

Endocrine / gland problems

Eye problems

Gastrointestinal problems

Genitourinary or gynaecological problems -

Headache / Migraine

Heart, cardiac and circulatory problems

Infectious diseases

Injury / Fracture

Mental health - Anxiety / Depression

Mental health - Other

Mental health - Stress (non-work related)

Mental health - Stress (work & non-work)

Mental health - Stress (work related)

Musculoskeletal problems - Other

Musculoskeletal problems (not back) - Work related RSI

Nervous system disorders

Pregnancy related disorders

Skin disorders

Substance Dependency

Tumours - Benign