UCL Human Resources


Sickness Absence Policy - Appendix D: Phased Returns

Phased Returns

1. When an employee indicates they will be returning to work following an extended period of sickness absence, further OHW advice may be sought on adjustments/other support required at that time.

2. Whether or not an OH referral is made, a 'return to work' meeting should be held with the individual to discuss whether any adjustments or additional support is required to help them return to work. The meeting should be held before the date they are due to return to work, or on their first day back if possible. It may be appropriate for a member of HR Consultancy to attend this meeting and the employee should be informed they can bring a workplace colleague or Trade Union rep with them if they wish.

3. Adjustments may include the gradual build up to full hours or full duties over a limited period of time.

4. A phased-return will normally be on full-pay and for a total period not exceeding 4 weeks.  Should hours of work be reduced over a longer period, a corresponding reduction in salary may result, however any decision taken will be on a case by case basis.

5. During and at the end of an agreed phased-return to work, review meetings should be held to discuss any concerns the individual may still have and ensure they have in fact resumed their full hours and the agreed duties and responsibilities of their role.