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Appraisal Scheme - Clinical Professional Practice (CPP) Tutors

The scheme that sets out how to appraise Clinical Professional Practice (CPP) Tutors.


This policy sets out UCL’s Framework for good practice in CPP Tutor appraisal.

The main steps are:

  1. A self-assessment exercise carried out by tutors using the framework outlining attributes of a competent /excellent /unacceptable CPP Tutor.
  2. Completion of a self-reflection exercise critically evaluating a teaching session.
  3. A peer observation of teaching.
  4. A biennial appraisal meeting with the site lead trained in facilitation of appraisal.
  5. A form to confirm completion of the appraisal.

Contents include

Section 1

  • Introduction to appraisal
  • Framework for good practice in CPP Tutor appraisal

Section 2

  • The appraisal and peer observation paperwork

Section 3

  • Peer Observation Good Practice
  • Ground Rules for Peer Observation of Teaching
  • Conducting a feedback session – some guidelines

Section 4

  • Appraisal Good Practice
  • The appraisal meeting

Who should read this policy

  • CPP Tutors and their managers


Last updated: Tuesday, September 26, 2017