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Disciplinary Procedure

Sets out the procedures to be followed when satisfactory standards of behaviour, conduct or attendance are not met.

Arrangements during Covid19 pandemic and beyond 

As we transition out of lockdown, grievances, investigations and disciplinary cases can continue as usual. 

Investigation meetings and hearings are currently being conducted on MS Teams, and may continue to do so for some time.  

However, we are aware that staff continue to face challenging circumstances at the moment, perhaps juggling work and caring responsibilities; or working from home in a difficult set up; or dealing with additional physical or mental health issues.    

Therefore, when handling informal and formal cases line managers are asked to continue to be thoughtful and supportive during this time and to apply the following guidelines:      

1. To consider para. 4.4 of the Disciplinary Policy:  “Informal action should be used wherever possible and appropriate to resolve conduct or behaviour before formal disciplinary action is considered.”  Your HR Business Partner can advise on whether informal action is appropriate and how to undertake this. 
2. To take into account any mitigating factors related to lockdown and/or working from home, which may have contributed to the alleged misconduct or which may impact upon the investigation or hearing. 
3. To seek advice from the Employee Relations team on a range of adjustments and support available if required, to enable the employee to engage in the process remotely. For example, employees can be provided with the appropriate technology and training on it; or they can be provided with a private room on campus. 


The purpose of the disciplinary policy and procedure is to set and maintain standards of conduct within the university, and in doing so, ensure that all employees are treated fairly and consistently. It is designed to help and encourage all employees to achieve and maintain satisfactory standards of conduct.

Matters of misconduct for employees during their probationary period are dealt with in accordance with the UCL Induction and Probation Policy.

Contents include

  • Process
  • Informal action
  • Formal disciplinary action
  • Suspension on full pay
  • Suspension without pay
  • Temporary working arrangements
  • Investigation
  • Formal disciplinary hearing
  • Appeals
  • Monitoring and review

Who should read this procedure 

  • All staff


Last updated: Tuesday, October 12, 2021