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Medical Research Council (MRC) Policies

Policies applying only to staff in the MRC Units (CTU, CBU and LHA) that transferred on 1st August 2013 to UCL under the TUPE Regulation.


MRC policies and guidance regarding recruitment, leave, safety, discipline and career progression.

Contents include

  • Absence Due to an Injury Caused By a Third Party 
  • Special Award Scheme - MRC Bulletin 455 
  • Allowances Policy 
  • Annual Leave Managers Guidance 
  • Basic Pay Adjustments 
  • Bioinformatics Bonus 
  • Clinical Consultants Guidance 
  • Clinical Recruitment and Retention Allowance 
  • Consultation During Reviews Policy 
  • Current Band Structure 
  • Damage to or Loss of Personal Property
  • Equal Pay Policy (UCL's Policy Applicable) 
  • Equalities and Diversity Policy (UCL's Policy Applicable) 
  • Expenses Policy 
  • Flexible Working
  • Yellow Book - Relocation Policy 
  • Location Allowance 
  • Management Initiated Reviews of MRC Work 
  • Mark Time Pay Arrangements 
  • Mobility Policy 
  • Non Employees ~ Not applicable post transfer
  • Notice Termination of Employment 
  • Overtime.doc
  • PA and T Schedule
  • Pay and Grading Proposal 
  • Pay on Appointment
  • Pay on Promotion
  • Pension Scheme 
  • Pension Statement of Investment Principles 
  • Personal Promotion Policy
  • Principles of Scientific Reviews
  • Probationary Policy
  • Redundancy Compensation Scheme 
  • Redundancy Policy 
  • Retirement Policy
  • Season Ticket Loans
  • Special Award Scheme Criteria 
  • Special Leave Policy
  • Staff Bulletin - Pay and Grading, the Next Steps 
  • Staff Bulletin - Seasonal 'Flu' Vaccination 
  • TUPE Policy
  • Unauthorised Unplanned Absence Policy 

Who should read this policy

  • TUPE MRC staff



Last updated: Friday, October 27, 2017