UCL Human Resources


Pension Schemes

The following Pension Schemes are provided by UCL

Pension scheme membership information is included with your Contract of Employment.  The terms of your Pension Scheme membership are determined by conditions set out in your contract of employment.  Participation in USS and SAUL operates under PensionsExchange (a salary sacrifice scheme).

Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) 

Employees on grades 6B and above are usually eligible for USS.

Website:  www.uss.co.uk/

Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL) 

Employees on grades 1-6 are usually eligible for SAUL. 

Website:  www.saul.org.uk/

National Health Service Pension Scheme (NHSPS) & NHS Employers website Other Pension Schemes 

Employees who elect, subject to meeting all the eligibility conditions, to retain their previous NHSPS membership.  UCL is an NHSPS Directions Employer. You can elect to continue with NHSPS membership if you meet the following criteria:  

  • You have contributed to the NHSPS within 364 days of joining UCL
  • You are employed at UCL Medical School or Clinical Department
  • Your role includes the teaching of Medical students at UCL
  • You complete the scheme ‘Application to contribute to the NHS Pension Scheme’ form within 3 months of the commencement of your UCL employment and forward it to Pension Services

Website:  www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/nhs-pensions

Protection of Pay

If you are eligible for continued membership of the NHS Pension Scheme at UCL and your pensionable pay has been reduced, then it may be possible for you to protect your pay.  Information and the criteria for protection of pay applications is set out by the NHS Pension Scheme.  You would need to send applications to pensions@ucl.ac.uk within 3 months of the reduction to your pay.  Please note that protection of pay can also apply to reductions in pay within your UCL employment.

MRC Pension Scheme  (Access Code: 672785) 

 Administered by Ensign Pensions Administration Ltd, for employees who transferred from the following MRC units to UCL on 1st August 2013:  Cell Biology Unit (CBU), Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) Lifelong Health & Aging (LHA) and the London Regional Centre (LRC).

Website: www.mrcps.co.uk/

National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)

NEST is the workplace pension scheme created as part of the government’s pension scheme reforms, known as Automatic Enrolment (AE) to help employers meet their new duties.  At UCL, NEST is the qualifying workplace pension scheme for UCLU Sabbatical Officers and for those employed by UCLU on an As and When/Casual contract.

Website:  www.nestpensions.org.uk/schemeweb/nest.html

Civil Service Pension Scheme

 For employees who transferred from the Survey of London, part of English Heritage, to The Bartlett School of Architecture on 29th October 2013.  Members can access information about the scheme, Classic or Premium here    

Website:  www.civilservicepensionscheme.org.uk/