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Lab Leaders Live 5: Bridging Academia and Industry

31 October 2023

Are you an academic looking to enhance knowledge exchange, foster industry relationships, and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit? Don't miss the upcoming "Bridging Academia and Industry: Strategies for Success."

Lab Leaders Series

Thursday 16 November 2023 | 10:00 – 11:00

Join expert UCL and guest speakers to gain practical knowledge and strategies to enhance knowledge exchange, foster industry relationships, and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit. With insights on digital networking mastery, enhancing intergroup dynamics, and cultivating entrepreneurship, you'll have the opportunity to participate in open discussions and Q&A.

    Wayne Clark, from The Global Growth Institute, will be interviewing an expert panel on their experiences of enhancing knowledge exchange and fostering industry relationships and advice they would give to others trying to overcome the various hurdles to getting research projects off the ground.

    Audience members will have an opportunity to ask the panel their own questions either by submitting them in advance or posting them in the meeting chat. If your question is not answered on the day, we will endeavour to provide written answers after the session. 

    Lab Leader Live events are part of the Lab Leader Series, a collection of interviews with UCL research leaders providing insight into what it takes to build successful research teams and projects.

    Register, and find out more on the Lab Leader Series website