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Lab Leaders Live: Developing yourself and others

26 April 2022

After a popular inaugural session, Lab Leaders Live is back and is planned to take place Wednesday May 18th 2022, between 09:00-10:30am on Zoom.

Lab Leader Live. Best practices for research funding

Leading successful research projects requires a broad skill set and Lab Leaders Live aims to provide the tools and insights so that UCL researchers can gain a unique advantage and understanding of what leadership looks and feels like. Therefore, this webinar will focus on the important role of developing yourself and others when leading a successful research project. Funders are more likely to be encouraged by projects where there is a strong sense of leadership and development opportunities for the team which would enhance desired skills and competence of the team. 

Themes to expect on the day include: 

  • Goal setting for yourself and others during the project life cycle and beyond

  • Ongoing communication with individuals and teams to ensure high levels of trust and transparency across the project

  • Enabling others to do their best work and motivating both individuals and team 

  • Providing time and space for reflection and constructive conversations with the aim of strengthening individuals and the project

  • Creating an inclusive research culture and ensuring equal access to development opportunities 

Guests include UCL and external experts who are experienced in various aspects of running successful research teams and projects or experienced at providing support to leaders in the research space. Panelists will discuss their own experiences, what approaches have worked well for them and their teams and why setting aside time for self-development and leadership is so important within the context of research projects.  

The panel members on the day include: 

  • Prof Giampietro Schiavo, Professor, Department of Neuromuscular Diseases

  • Prof Jennifer Linden, Professor, Faculty of Brain Sciences

  • Geoff Dunk, Director of Operations, Faculty of Brain Sciences [mediator]   

  • Donna Dalrymple, Interim Chief People Officer, Human Resources 

  • Charles Marson, Head of Human Resources, School of Life and Medical Science

  • Wayne Clarke, Founder, Global Growth Institute [host] 

The events and related resources are open to all investigators and researchers currently leading teams or projects or with aspirations to do so.  

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To submit pre-session questions please do so via Slido, where you can also vote up for questions you would like to be asked at the event. 

More information on the Lab Leaders Series and the live events can be found on the Lab Leaders Series SharePoint site