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The Lost Voices’ national campaign: Exposing the inequalities within the academic sector

12 July 2021

The Lost Voices campaign was funded by OD as part of the UCL Researcher-Led Initiatives.


This Lost Voices national campaign has been giving researchers the opportunity to share their experiences of inequality and prejudice as junior researchers in the UK higher education sector. The research found that early career researchers (ECRs) are often not heard yet are impacted the most by inequality. Several anonymous stories were shared via blogs, surveys and social media, leading the researchers of this project to present solutions for equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) leaders. 

Some of the key solutions that were found: 

  • ECRs: upskill, mentor, nurture passions, network. 

  • Leaders: training, accountability, lead by example.  

  • Sector: reimagine ECR structure, improve disconnects, value overcoming inequalities.  

These findings have been presented to institutional EDI leaders to encourage a truly inclusive research culture. The need for more support, awareness and compassion for ECRs can improve equality and the continued efforts to improve representation in research can reinforce a positive research culture for all. 

The research was led by Dr Sarah Jasim, Dr Morag Lewis, Dr Shaakir Salam, Dr Rui Pires-Martins, Dr Jemima Ho and Kailey Nolan. Additional contributions were made by Jumani Yogarajah and Alex Teale. To learn more, read the full report or listen to the podcast: The Lost Voices - postdocs, precarity and diversity.