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Belong at UCL: Relaunching the way we welcome new staff to UCL

13 December 2021

Providing both a warm welcome and an instructive introduction to UCL, we're pleased to be launching our new and improved induction programme for all new staff joining the organisation.

Belong course screen shot across different devices

Belong at UCL has undergone a radical redesign! We've improved the way you progress through the information, updated the existing content, and added more detail about the things our new starters need to know most about.

This online induction module is complemented by a live Q&A session with senior leaders from around the university, with plans to launch an in-person tour of the campus in the new year. 

It's not mandatory, but we hope as word of mouth begins to spread about just how informative and uplifting it is, and as more of our leaders and line managers begin to recommend it to their new joiners, this programme will become an essential part of everyone's onboarding journey at UCL.

New joiners can access the learning via the following link:

You can also find out when our upcoming live Q&A sessions are scheduled.

Can you help?

If you have feedback about this programme, or if you would be interested in delivering tours of campus for new starters, please let us know via: hrweb@live.ucl.ac.uk.