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Building mental resilience in uncertain times

21 October 2020

UCL Organisational Development and Workplace Health have collaborated to launch a brand new series of courses aimed at empowering staff to build resilience and manage their well-being.

 Building mental resilience in uncertain times

UCL is committed to supporting staff and students in managing their wellbeing as we work through these unprecedented and challenging times. Now more than ever, we need to protect our mental health and that of our colleagues.

In response to this need, the Organisational Development team in collaboration with Workplace Health have launched a series of new courses designed to equip staff with useful insights and practical skills to help with managing thoughts and emotions during this time. These courses are centrally funded with no contribution required from local budgets.

Included in this series is the preventative Mental Resilience in Uncertain times Wafer course: a 7 week self- guided course designed to fit around the daily demands of balancing work and home life. Designed and delivered with our training partner Tough Cookie, the course introduces a toolkit of practical techniques to help calm an anxious mind, self-regulate in high-pressure situations, relax the body and more. 

Previous participants have said "I have been attending the programme and can honestly say it has transformed the way in which I deal with challenges at work and at home. They helped me integrate the tools into my life and build better social connections with my peers at work. I honestly couldn't recommend them more highly."

The course open to all staff and is running throughout the autumn term. Find out more and to enrol here

Other wellbeing programmes available to staff include: 
•    Mental Resilience in Uncertain times Digestive course 
•    Mental Health First Aid 
•    Leading Wellbeing Conversations

To find out more details and book your place, please visit the new Wellbeing and Resilience webpage.