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Dealing with a difficult situation

Staff may be dealing with a variety of difficult situations either in their private or their working life. These resources will provide guidance and links to a range of support services.

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Financial hardship

We understand that some of our colleagues may be experiencing financial difficulties where a spouse/partner/family member has been unable to work for a while, or they may have lost their job at a time when seeking a new job could seem quite a difficult challenge. You may wish to contact colleagues at the UCL Employee Assistance Programme who can provide advice and support for a wide range of personal matters.

Challenging conversations at work 

We understand that problematic behaviours may impact staff in their personal and professional lives. Support is available through contacting an advisor on Report + Support, or calling Care First number on 0800 197 4510​. Alternatively, staff may wish to speak to their HR Business Partner.

Domestic violence and abuse

If you are experiencing domestic abuse you may wish to consider these sites: 

  • The UCL Employee Assistance Programme Care First offers employees experiencing domestic abuse of any kind confidential emotional support at any time day or night. Care First provides in the moment emotional support free over the phone 0800 197 4510 and through an online chat.  Structured counselling can take place via video call.  Following initial support, UCL employees or Care First may request a structured series of short-term ‘problem focused counselling’. This can be arranged by calling Care First. They also offer other practical resources including legal and financial advice from 9am to 5pm, with staff trained to Citizen Advice Bureau standard. 
  • Support is available through Women’s Aid which offers communication via email or a facility. This may be useful if you are unable to speak freely. Women's Aid has a Survivor Handbook. The website has a button which allows you to exit it at any time.
  • Refuge’s National Domestic Abuse Helpline has access to an online chat open Monday-Friday 3-10pm, a 24-hour Freephone line 0808 2000 247 and a web form where you can reach out to the Helpline team or arrange a time for them to contact you. 
  • Galop  are trans-inclusive and are welcoming of anyone from the LGBT+ community (including those who are questioning their identity). Contact them to receive support if you are a victim of sexual violence, hate crime or domestic abuse. The national LGBT domestic violence helpline is 0800 999 5428  and email: help@galop.org.uk.
  • Bi-Survivors Network supports people of any gender identity, providing a space where bi-survivors of sexual and/or domestic violence can talk and find solidarity.
  • The Government has information on its website about the code word scheme as a means of seeking urgent help. 
  • self-referral can be made by any UCL employee for a confidential discussion with Workplace Health and UCL has a range of useful wellbeing resources online to support staff. 


If you are experiencing grief, you may also wish to consider these external sites;