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Study Assistance Scheme

The Study Assistance Scheme (SAS) provides financial support for UCL staff seeking to gain qualifications to support their work and careers.

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Am I eligible to apply?

  1. The scheme is open to all UCL staff members who have successfully passed their probation period at the time of applying.
  2. You must have 12 months of continuous employment funding on your current post from the time of applying.
  3. Courses must be credit-bearing and lead to a qualification
  4. Courses must relate to your area of work and support your job role at UCL
  5. You must have enrolled on your course of study prior to submitting an SAS application
  6. Applications must be authorised by your line manager on the basis that the qualification will support your job role at UCL
  7. If you are already in receipt of an award or grant (other than SAS) towards the fees for your course, you will not be eligible for financial support from SAS
  8. You must meet the SAS conditions set out below

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How much will SAS contribute to my studies?

  • Your SAS grant will be up to 50% of the total cost of your course (fees + examination costs*)
  • The maximum amount SAS will contribute for the 2018/19 academic year is £865

How to apply?

  • Speak to your line manager to approve your proposed SAS application
  • Enrol on your course of study (to make an application, you will need to submit your student number for UCL programmes and proof of payment in full for non-UCL programmes)
  • Submit your SAS application form 
  • Send your line manager's approval to sas@ucl.ac.uk 
  • For non-UCL qualifications, please also provide documentary evidence of the following:
    • Part-time status of the qualification being undertaken
    • Qualification title and duration
    • Total fees for the academic year
    • Proof of payment

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Application deadlines 2018/19

  • Friday, 22 March 2019 – for staff enrolling on their course of study during term 1 or 2
  • Friday, 7 June 2019 – for staff enrolling on their course of study during term 3
  • Backdated SAS applications to the previous academic year will not be accepted


  • We will allocate funding on a first come, first served basis
  • If your qualification will take more than one year to complete, you will need to resubmit an application each year of study, as it will not be automatically renewed
  • You can only receive a SAS grant towards one course of study each academic year
  • SAS is applicable to: part-time, evening, day or block release, correspondence or distance learning courses
  • You will be expected to pay for any textbooks and any required memberships (e.g. to a professional body)
  • You are required to submit evidence that the course has been paid in full before you can make a SAS application (for non-UCL programmes)

Repayment of SAS

Staff who voluntarily leave UCL employment, at any time between starting the course and 12 months after completion, will be asked to repay 

Further conditions for non-UCL programmes

  • If you are studying somewhere other than UCL, you (or your department where appropriate) will need to cover the full cost of your course before submitting an application 
  • SAS’s contribution will then be made via a UCL expense payment form or interdepartmental transfer form

Overseas applicants

For full and part-time UCL staff, who would be classified as overseas students, the following rule has been committee approved.

  • Full and part-time UCL staff, who would be classified as overseas students, will be eligible to pay fees as a Home/EU student, if satisfying the following criteria. The balance of the fees would be waived i.e. charged back to the department hosting your course, subject to their agreement.
    • You are studying for a UCL qualification 
    • You will be studying on a part-time basis
    • You are a member of staff on the HR Payroll 

Please note: Your fee status would remain as an ‘Overseas’ student.

Other information

We will continue to evaluate the process for continuous improvement opportunities going forward and would welcome your feedback.