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Online Psychoeducational and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Programmes

SilverCloud is now being offered as part of our new Employee Assistance Programme: Staff Support Service.

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What does this mean?  

  • The self-guided option to use SilverCloud will no longer be available 
  • No new signups will be accepted as of 5pm on 30th September 2022. After this point, you will not be able to activate any invites or sign ups to the SilverCloud programmes 

Instead, SliverCloud will be included within the new offering of the Employee Assistance Programme: Staff Support Service 

When you contact the service a mental health consultation will take place to offer in the moment support with a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist, who will determine your suitability for the SilverCloud programmes 

What can I expect from the new SilverCloud offer? 

  • Recommended modules will be based on your mental health consultation and therefore tailored to your individual needs 
  • Weekly check-ins with a therapist via a messaging service to check your progress, answer questions and speak about any reflections you may have 

What if I am part way through a programme?  

  • Existing users will still be able to log in and use the platform to allow the continuation of any work up until 31st  December 2022 
  • All user access will cease on this date therefore, you will need complete any outstanding work 

What will happen to my information? 

  • Data stored on the SilverCloud platform will continue for a period of 3 months (until 1st January 2023)  
  • After this SilverCloud’s technical team will delete the service from their main servers, including any historical data 
  • After a further 90 days, all data will be removed from backup files 

SilverCloud is an online platform that offers wellbeing support through a range of interactive programmes.

CBT helps you to identify and challenge negative thoughts and behavioural patterns that impact how you are feeling so that you can make changes for the better.
The programmes are designed to help improve and maintain wellbeing by addressing underlying issues that can have a negative impact on how you would like to live your life.

Each evidence-based programme consists of a range of modules and includes interactive tools, activities, and videos for you to complete in your own time. 

  • Each programme consists of six or seven modules, which take approximately six to eight weeks to complete.
  • Each module contains text, video, and audio clips as well as activities and quizzes that you can complete as you go along. 
  • SilverCloud is entirely self-paced and is available 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or phone.

On average, each module can take you about one week to complete, but to make the most of your use, you can log in daily to update your account.

You have access to 21 programmes across the following three themes:

  • Wellbeing including: Sleep, Resilience, Money Worries, Stress, Alcohol, and Covid-19
  • Mental Health including: Health Anxiety, Depression, Phobia, Social Anxiety, and Panic
  • Chronic Health including: Diabetes, Chronic pain, and Lung Conditions

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