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Support for managers

Manager resources from Care First

Care First has been chosen to provide a confidential service for information and advice or counselling, available to staff free of charge. As a manager you may be responsible for compliance with Health & Safety legislation and your ‘duty of care’. Knowing how to make the most of Care First services will help you to help your people.


All staff have access to the following services:

  • Freephone advice, information and counselling service
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • Online information, health, fitness, nutrition and stress management resources

Managers have access to additional help:

  • Support and information service for managers
  • Management consultancy
  • Management referral to initiate counselling for an employee

Helping You To Help Your Employee

The level of support a manager is able to give will depend on the nature of the problem and the time available. Help from Care First may be more appropiate. There are a number of options:


Encourage the individual to contact Care First on the dedicated freephone number (displayed right) – a confidential, freephone helpline available 24 hours a day. The person who answers will be a counsellor and the employee only needs to identify the organisation they work for. The caller can maintain contact with one Care First telephonecounsellor at a mutually agreed time over a period of weeks or they can be referred for face-to-face counselling if appropriate.

Care first can also provide onward referral to external agencies.

Management Support

If the problem is unfamiliar or complex – or if the employee is denying the problem and resisting the opportunity to seek help – you may find it useful to talk to Care First yourself. We can discuss the wider implications and likely effects, and explore options for appropriate management of the employee. However, in view of confidentiality, we will not confirm or deny whether an employee has called Care First.


If the situation is unusually sensitive or the employee is extremely distressed you may wish to informally refer the employee to Care First.  An informal referral takes places when a Line Manager has the consent of the employee to call Care First on the employee's behalf. The Line Manager would need to be present with the employee at the time of the call.  At the appropriate time, the Counsellor will ask the Line Manager to pass the telephone over to the employee to enable the Counsellor to provide support.