UCL Human Resources


Checklist for Disabled Job Applicants

Preparation and Advertising

  • Consider what adjustments future disabled staff or applicants may need, and make them in advance if at all possible
  • Consider advertising relevant vacancies to reach potential disabled candidates e.g. Disability Now website, and/or through Job Centre Plus 
  • Encourage disabled people to apply, state in the application pack that disclosure of disability status won't affect their application
  • Allow submission of applications in different formats


  • Identify any particular needs or arrangements for interview in consultation with applicants (please see information regarding Reasonable Adjustments)
  • Check the accessibility of the building, interview and test rooms, to make any reasonable adjustments in advance e.g. the approach to the building, entry points, reception, signage, toilets, suitable parking, lighting, noise levels in interview room, egress in an emergency, furniture and room lay out and identify and remedy any potential obstacles
  • Could Access to Work help with the cost of adjustments? (Access to Work can pay up to 100% of the approved costs of help with communicator support at interview.) 
  • Ask any disabled candidates if they require extra time to complete tests, or if they require non standard equipment for taking a test? e.g. large print documents or a special keyboard or monitor 
  • If appropriate, consider meeting the disabled candidate to show them to the venue 
  • Remember to offer constructive feedback to unsuccessful disabled candidates if they want it
  • Consider asking for feedback from disabled candidates and disabled staff on further improving the process


  • Discuss reasonable adjustments to the workplace, or job in a suitably private environment, only if the disabled candidate is successful at interview. Consider also egress in an emergency and access to the UCL estate as well as the department. Ensure any questions are practical but not intrusive. Advice is available from UCL's Occupational Health Service regarding adjustments to work premises, practices, equipment or the job itself
  • Terms and conditions should reflect any reasonable adjustments agreed with the new member of staff
  • Make sure disabled member of staff knows what advice and support is provided by UCL
  • Share information about an individual's needs with others only on a 'need to know basis'. This should cover necessary practical arrangements. There should rarely be any need to disclose any specific information about a disabled person's impairment. Ask permission from the disabled person before disclosing information to others 
  • In consultation with disabled employee consider awareness training for colleagues
  • Determine within the first 6 weeks of their starting work whether the disabled new employee qualifies under the Access To Work Programme and has made an application 
  • Address and review any support required, aids/adaptations, or other issues for disabled staff during the induction period and review these with disabled staff on an ongoing basis and as part of staff review/appraisal