UCL Human Resources



Areas of concern

Feedback indicated there was a lack of understanding with the high level strategy and divisional needs as well as poor communication between internal functions.

What we did to improve our internal communications

Biosciences newsletter screenshot…

A Communications Working Group was established within the division and a Communications Officer has been recruited to take this work forward.

The divisional intranet is being improved to ensure ease of access to information for all areas of professional services to ensure relevant contact is easily accessible.

Divisional newsletters are now sent regularly to staff to provide up to date information about our progress and new initiatives. These will evolve and link to the relaunched intranet to drive traffic to a central point of information.

Service definitions have been introduced for all professional service teams to provide a broad understanding about the scope and role of professional services.

Appraisal guidance information is now included in divisional induction sessions and all managers are required to attend Appraisal training to ensure they have a clear understanding about the purpose.

What do we plan to do next

Work is underway to further improve the divisional induction programme. The Communications Working Group has completed its tasks and the Communications Officer will take all communications work forward in liaison with the Divisional Manager and faculty.