UCL Human Resources


On-Call Availability Supplement

  1. If a consultant is required to participate in an on-call rota, he or she will be paid a supplement in addition to basic salary in respect of his or her availability to work during on-call periods. The supplement will be paid at the appropriate rate set out in Table 1 below.
  2. The level of supplement will depend on:
  • the consultant’s rota frequency (the number of consultants on the relevant rota),
  • and the category of the consultant’s on-call duties.
  1. Category A: 
    This applies where the consultant is typically required to return immediately to site when called or has to undertake interventions with a similar level of complexity to those that would normally be carried out on site, such as telemedicine or complex
    telephone consultations;

    Category B: 
    This applies where the consultant can typically respond by giving telephone advice and/or by returning to work later.

4. The process:

  • The appropriate NHS Partner Trust will determine the category of the consultant’s on-call duties by making a prospective assessment of the typical nature of the response that the consultant is likely to have to undertake when called during an on-call period.
  • The trust will inform UCL in writing of the appropriate on-call category and give their funding committment and UCL finance will provide a funding code.
  • Where there is a change to the consultant’s rota frequency or the categorisation of the consultant’s on-call duties, any change to the level of the supplement will be to be advised to UCL in writing. Where this results in a reduction in the level of supplement, there will not be any protection arrangements in relation to previous entitlements.
  • Part-time consultants will receive the appropriate percentage of the equivalent full-time basic salary, provided their responsibilities when on-call are the same as those of full-time consultants on the same rota.

On- call availability supplement

Frequency of rota commitment

Value of supplement as a percentage 
of full-time basic salary


Category A

Category B

High frequency:
1 in 1 to 1 in 4



Medium frequency:
1 in5 to 1 in 8



Low frequency:
1 in 9 or less frequent