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Appeals Procedure for unsuccessful Associate Lecturers (Teaching)

The following sets out guidance for the consideration of appeals for teaching staff applying for regrading from grade 7 to 8.

Local variations on the appeals process exist therefore this guidance is not intended to replace those processes.

The appeal

Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Dean, no later than five working days after receipt of the decision in writing.

The Dean will confirm receipt of appeal within 3 working days, and copy this to their HR Business Partner.

The appeal must be specific about the grounds for appeal and also include the following from the original application:

  • A Curriculum Vitae which must contain at least the required elements specified in the Curriculum Vitae template  (Employee) if applicable

  • A brief self-assessment indicating how the Associate Lecturers (Teaching) activity matches the criteria within the academic career framework. This should be no longer than one side of A4, but the Associate Lecturer (Teaching) may wish to indicate the impact of their work and their future direction. (Employee) 

  • The outcome and reasons for not being promoted. (Manager)

The Appeal should be a paper based review carried out by the Dean, and assessed against the criteria contained in the academic career framework (page14):

Progression through the grades might be expected to be attained by demonstrating an ability to meet:

  • the threshold education criteria at the next level; and

  • several of the core and/or specialist education criteria at the next level; and

  • at least the threshold research criteria or some of the criteria in either of the two other domains (enterprise and external engagement; institutional citizenship) at the next level.

The Dean may involve another senior academic to participate in reviewing the appeals and reaching a determination, or delegate to a small panel to review and recommend an outcome.


The Appeal decision will be made without undue delay and normally within 14 working days. A decision will be made to either:

  • Uphold the original decision; or
  • Uphold the appeal and confirm that promotion to Grade 8 was successful

The outcome of the Appeal should be confirmed in writing to the employee by the Dean, and copied to the HR Business Partner.

The decision of the Appeal is final.

HR Business Partners can provide further advice and support on local appeal arrangements.

Last updated February 2021