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Advert Guidance - Writing and Placement

UCL has reduced its cost base by 6% this year and in order to drive down corporate spend on employment advertising the HR Division will henceforth need to take greater oversight of the cost (and hence the length) of adverts. Recruiting managers are asked to use online advertising as the preferred medium, as increasingly online advertising is proving as effective as printed media and can be as little as a fifth of the cost. Online adverts often reach a larger audience and are live for the full two weeks of the advertising period rather than seen for one day in the case of a newspaper advert. Those advertising administrative and support roles have been slowest to embrace the idea of online advertising but experience shows that it is effective and in future financial support for advertising for these roles will be predicated on using this approach.

UCL job adverts that appear in printed media must be concise and provide the potential applicant with just enough information to attract their attention and point them to detailed further particulars on the UCL web site. The UCL brand is strong and UCL's world class reputation means that if the advert makes clear the details of the role, this should be enough to tempt potential applicants to the web site for further details. The job description and person specification for the role, details of who to contact with any queries, the details of how to apply etc. should all form part of the further particulars. For advice on further particulars please see the 'details for applicants' section of the UCL Recruitment Policy). The HR team will in future be advising on the editing of any information in adverts that should sit in the further particulars of the post and asking recruiting managers or those placing the advert to agree revised text.

Examples of the type of text that should be included in further particulars for a post but not in the advert are such things as *the number of copies of a CV and the number of referees required etc . *details of all but the key aspects of the role *details of who to contact with queries or an informal discussion about the role *lengthy details of the department or research group *desirable criteria To help with the drafting of adverts to be placed on line, templates have been created and are available at UCL Advert Templates . Examples of concise adverts suitable for print media can be found at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/rome/advert_templates/sample_adverts.php.