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Donna Dalrymple

Donna Dalrymple
HR Community of Practice Sponsor

Head of HR (School of Life and Medical Sciences) 

Photo of Cristina Gardini

Cristina Gardini 
Divisional HR/CPD Team Manager for Psychology and Language Sciences

I have been at UCL for a number of years covering areas of Management, Event Organisation and Continuing Professional Development. I am an experienced Human Resources Generalist skilled in Coaching and Mentoring, Conference Coordination and Training Delivery. I have overall responsibility for the operational provision of administrative services in our Divisional HR specialist team including Recruitment and Selection; Staff Development and Training; Local HR Best practice; and overall management of Continuing Professional Development activities.

I am a Wellbeing Champion and I have recently collaborated in the setting up of the UCL Menopause Network. As a long standing committee Member of the DAForum, I have also introduced innovative schemes, such as SPICE Wellbeing and SHARE @UCL (which includes Job Shadowing, Mentoring and Buddy Schemes).

I have a strong passion for developing people and help them achieve their potential.

Shalrina Alcantara

Shalrina Alcantara
HR Business Partner

I started my career in Human Resources working in the voluntary sector for 14 years before moving into Training and Development in Higher Education. I provide internal consultancy support and work with clients to develop strategy, implement organisational change and improve individual, team and organisational effectiveness. I have a strong desire to support and encourage individuals to maximise their potential and develop their career further.
I am CIPD qualified, an accredited UCL coach, an accredited Springboard facilitator and a TLQ (Transformational Leadership Questionnaire) practitioner providing 360 feedback. I also have vast experience in supporting management and leadership programmes, leading teams, budgets and multiple projects to add value to organisations.  

Specialist areas of HR: Organisational Development; delivering change management, learning and development, and organisation design and development.

Photograph of Angelina Blackwood-Hernandez

Angelina Blackwood-Hernandez
School of Pharmacy

My name is Angelina Blackwood-Hernandez. I am the Staffing & HR Manager at the School of Pharmacy. I am also a devout Christian, a single mother of four children, and a weight-loss coach for women. I have worked at UCL now for 13 years and have been in HR since 2003 when I started at the university of Manchester as a Data Entry Assistant. Whilst here I have:

  • improved and transformed the culture of the department by introducing a well-being culture. Massages and discussions about health are now embedded in what we do and we achieved 66% staff satisfaction with the departments well being efforts
  • introduced online recruitment to the department in 2008
  • improved the reward process and enhanced the perceived fairness of promotion by 8%
  • increased staff engagement within my Division by 5%.

I have a lot of experience providing an HR service at ground level within the departments and have experienced the highs and the lows of working with colleagues across the university to provide an effective service. I can see that there is a fantastic opportunity here to be a more cohesive and joined up team when delivering a HR service and can see that the COP is a great forum in which to achieve that. I am looking forward to getting to know more of my colleagues in the wider UCL community who are wanting to provide a better professional service and achieve excellence in that area. Whether you are based in a Staffing Office , in the departments or Central HR, one of my goals will be to embrace the communities combined skills and experiences to create a service of excellence.

As a CoP lead I commit to ensuring that members involved gain professional value and an opportunity to enhance their careers. I encourage you to join our community and take part if you can.


Core members

Sharron Alexander, Lorella Amasanti, Rachel Anderson, Gemma Andrews, Titi Ayinla, Claire Bamford, Carol Booth, Helen Brown, Jennifer Brown, Vicky Coombes, Serife Dervish, Rose Haigh, Alexandra Iglesias, Tansy Jones, Liz Milner, Liz Mooney, Ronak Patel, Georgia Payne, Claire Rowlinson, Nicolas Smith De La Carrera, Julie Smith, Therasa Smith, Hannah Umar, Ben Web, Simon Whittle, Teresa Williams.