Human Evolution @ UCL




core undergraduate courses

Undergraduate courses that cover a broad base of topics that are fundamental to the field of human evolution.

Title Code Tutor/coordinator
Introduction to Biological Anthropology ANTH1014 Prof Volker Sommer
Palaeoanthropology ANTH2003  
Evolution and Human Behaviour ANTH3050 / M050  
Primate Evolution and Environments ANTH3052 Dr Christophe Soligo
Primate Behaviour and Ecology ANTH7009  
Human Behavioural Ecology ANTH7018 / M018 Dr Nienke Alberts
Lithic Technology ARCL3046 Mark Roberts
Archaeology of Human Evolution ARCL3094 Matt Pope
The Emergence and spread of Modern Humans  ARCL2026 Andrew Garrard
Environmental Change GEOG1005 Prof Jonathan Holmes
Palaeoclimatology GEOG3067 Prof Jonathan Holmes
Evolution and the Human Condition BASC32 Prof. Richard Goldstein